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Monday, February 10, 2014

Basket made out of Cardboard

Materials Needed

Cardboard  (I have used the cardboard from cereal box here)
Punch machine and copper eyelets / Stapler


 Take a piece of cardboard and divide it into 9 equal squares. Here I have taken a cardboard of size 18 x 18 cm and divided it into 9 equal squares.Draw a triangle in the middle square on both the sides as shown.

Now make cuts on both the sides , about 3/4" . These form the handles of the basket.

Divide the squares on both the sides into 3 equal parts and fold them as shown.

Fold the strips one by one and fold the centre triangle. Use a stapler to connect the parts together. I have stapled each strips. A punch can also be used here instead of staplers.


The basket is almost ready. It can be decorated with ribbon and felt. Here I've used few paper roses.

Now the basket is ready.

Tutorial from Etsy Russian Team



Mythily kasthuri rengan said...

oh! wow
is it cardboard.
really nice

Tamizhmuhil Prakasam said...

yes sister, Its a thin cardboard. I cut it out from an empty cereal box.

Thank you for your appreciative and encouraging comments.

Dhiyana said...

Really nice. If time permits, can you please write how you do your projects too. I will surely help others

Tamizhmuhil Prakasam said...

@ Dhiyana

Thanks a lot. Will sure upload the procedure as soon as possible.

Dhiyana said...

Thanks a lot Muhil.. The basket is reaaly beautiful and I would like to try with my daughter. I will share you the pictures. Thanks once again.

Tamizhmuhil Prakasam said...

Yeah...sure sister..Awaiting to see your creations too...

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