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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Floral baskets

I would like to share the floral baskets made with some recycled materials.

For the first basket, I used a simple basket template and cut it out from a waste cereal box cardboard and decorated it. Then I made some flowers, a flower with cupcake liners,  rose and another flower.
I attached those flowers to the cardboard. And, Here's the outcome.

Another recycled floral basket. I found a waste paper basket lying around and thought of recycling it. I made some flowers and again, those too from the recycled materials.

1, The Egg carton flowers in the left corner.
2. Few Kasuduma flowers from waste phamplets.
3. Hayacinth flowers made from paper tissue towel.
4. Loopy Chrysanthemum flower made out of  waste phamplets.
5. Flower made with pumpkin seeds to decorate the vase.

This is the Dry shallots cardboard basket which is I used to make the vase.

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Ruchis Crafeteria said...

Nice work. Thanks for playing along with CSCC Aug challenge- week 2. Good luck. :)

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