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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bioinformatics Multiple Choice Questions


1.What is PROSITE?
 A.A database of protein structures 
B.A database of interacting proteins
C.A database of protein motifs
D.A search tool 

2.You have two distantly related proteins. Which BLOSUM or PAM matrix would you choose to compare them?
A.BLOSUM45 or PAM250
C.BLOSUM80 or PAM120 

3. The term Bioinformatics was coined by
A.J D Watson
C. Elvin A.Kabat
D. Paulien Hogeweg

4.What is the difference between RefSeq and GenBank ?
A.RefSeq includes publicly available DNA sequences 
B.GenBank includes nonredundant curated data 
C.GenBank sequences are derived from RefSeq
D.RefSeq sequences are derived from GenBank 

5.The two main features of any phylogenetic tree are the 
A.clades and the nodes
B.topology and the branch lengths
C.clades and the root
D.alignment and the bootstrap 

6.The approach that can be used to predict the 3D structure of a protein which has no detectable sequence similarity with the available templates is 
A.homology modeling
B.Comparative  modeling
 C.fold recognition 
D.ab initio modeling

7. What makes FASTA faster than NEEDLEMAN WUNSCH algorithm?
A. The processor speed of the computer 

B. Hash table lookup
C. Dynamic programming 

D. The scoring matrix used

8. How many edges meet at every branch node in a phylogenetic tree?
A. 1 

B. 2 
C. 3 
D. 4 

9. The Arrhenius equation shows the relationship between:
a. activation energy and temperature
b. entropy and temperature
c. rate and temperature
d. rate constant and temperature

10. Which of the following terms does NOT refer to an example of a weak force of interaction between two biological molecules?
b.van der Waals

11. When light travels from one medium to another, the quantity that remains unaltered is:
a. speed
b. wavelength
c. frequency
d. intensity

12. What effect does Beta-radiation have on atomic number and atomic mass?
a. number – 2, Mass -1
b. number + 1, Mass – 2
c. number no change, Mass + 1
d. number + 1, Mass no change

13. In an immunoglobulin molecule, the region determining complementarity is present in the:
a.variable domain of heavy chain only
b.variable domain of light chain only
c.variable domains of heavy and light chains
d.variable and constant domains of the heavy chains only

14. Which of the following enzymes is not as involved in DNA replication as the others?
a.DNA Polymerase
d.DNA Ligase

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