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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Spray Painting using old tooth brush

This technique is also called as Toothbrush Spattering.

Materials Needed:

Tooth brush
Water colors
An outline picture of  your interest


Place the picture on your paper and  make sure that you secure them on place with some weight on the picture.

Here, I have used the picture of the elephant. 

Cover your work area with some news papers as the paint may splatter all over.

Dip your brush in the paint.Here, I have used watercolor.

Point the brush towards your painting, then run your finger or a tooth pick or a card along the bristles.

This technique produces a spray of small drops of paint on the paper.

Spray the paint all over the paper. The paint covers  the entire  area around the picture, leaving the impression of the picture.

In these paintings, I have used the stencil  of the picture and sprayed the paint.


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