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Sunday, January 26, 2014


Kolam is an ancient folk art form that is still practiced. Kolam is called by different names in  different parts of India.  Raangolee in Maharashtra, Hase and Raongoli in Karnataka, Mandana in Rajasthan; Chowkpurna in Northern India, Alpana in West Bengal,Aripana in Bihar, Chowk pujan in Uttar Pradesh, Muggu in Andhra Pradesh .

 The kolam is drawn in the early morning and in the evening in front of the home.  The powder used to draw kolam is rice flour. The small creatures like birds and ants feed on the rice flour. Now a days, chalk powder (kola podi)  is also used for drawing kolam. It's believed that the kolam blocks the negativity that enters the home and protects the household from evil.

Dot Reference : 9 x 9 Straight Dots

Dot Reference : 7 x 7 Straight Dots

Dot Reference : 5 x 5  Straight Dots

Dot Reference : 5 x 5 Straight Dots

Dot Reference : 6 x 6 Straight Dots

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