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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Cup and Saucers

These cup and saucer set were made  with cardboard tissue roll and cereal box cardboard. It was a fun activity with my Preschooler kid.

I followed the tutorial from

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LESSology Challenge #60: Mug Shot


yyam said...

Awww...these are so cute! What great fun it must be for your kid!
Thanks for joining us at LESSology!

Lisa said...

Oh wow... so cute and what a fun project to do with a child... LOVE! So happy you are playing along at Lessology!

Tamizhmuhil Prakasam said...

@ Yyam
Thank You !

Tamizhmuhil Prakasam said...

@ Lisa
Thank you !

Lizzy Hill said...

Love em! I want to make these with my Grand Boy now! He would LOVE doing this and playing 'having tea'.....GREAT project for our LESSology challenge... thanks for joining in!!!

Tamizhmuhil Prakasam said...

Thank you Lizzy...

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