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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wreath made of Egg carton flowers

Materials Needed:

egg cartons
Acrylic colors / water color


Cut the cardboard in the form of a ring or you can use any circular object. Here I have used the ring from the diaper pail  refill. We can use a Styrofoam wreath ring too.

Cut out the individual cups egg carton.

Cut the petals in the egg carton.

Just bend the ends of each petal, so that the flower looks realistic.

Now paint them with your favorite colors.

Paste them in the cardboard ring.



Usha Srikumar said...


Mythily kasthuri rengan said...

beautiful !!

Tamizhmuhil Prakasam said...

@ Usha Srikumar

Welcome to my blog madam...

Thanks a lot for your appreciative comments.

Tamizhmuhil Prakasam said...

@ Mythily kasthuri rengan

Thanks a lot sister...

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