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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bioinformatics MCQ

1. A Single Piece of Information in a database is called  

    a. File
    b. Field
    c. Record
    d. Data set

2. Which of the following is a nucleotide sequence database?

    a. EMBL
    b. SwissProt
    c. TrEMBL
    d. PROSITE

3. Operating System is 

    a. A collection of hardware components
    b. A collection of input-output devices
    c. A collection of software routines
    d. All of the above

4. A database of current sequence map of Human genome is called as

   a. OMIM
   b. HGMD  
   c. Golden path
   d. GeneCards

5. BLAST programme is used in

    a. DNA Sequencing

    b. Amino acid Sequencing
    c. DNA barcoding
    d. Bioinformatics

6. SWISS PROT is related  to

    a. Portable data

    b. Swissbank data
    c. Sequence data bank
    d. Sequence sequence data

7. BLOSUM matrices are used for

   a. Multiple sequence Alignment
  b. Pairwise sequence Alignment
  c. Phylogenetic Analysis
  d. All the above

8.  Clustal W

       a. Multiple sequence alignment tool
      b. Protein secondary structure predicting tool
      c. Data retrieving tool
      d. Nucleic acid sequence analysis tool

9. Phylogenetic relationship can be shown by

     a. Dendrogram
     b. Gene Bank
     c. Data retrieving tool
     d. Data search tool

10. PRINTS are software used for

      a. detection of genes from genome sequence
      b. detection of tRNA genes
      c. prediction of function of a new gene
      d. Identification of functional domains/motifs of proteins


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